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Large Ribbon Sapele bowl

This is one of my favorite pieces so far. This is my second Ribbon Sapele piece and I have to say I had a blast working with it.

Sapele is an exotic wood found in the south west of Africa. Very similar to mahogany but cuts far easier and as you can tell sands to an extreme luster. The ribbon stripe figure comes from quarter sawing the log - the interlocked grain of Sapele produces the length wise stripes, or ribbons.

This bowl has excellent chatoyance the light literally dances off of it. This piece is 8.75 inches wide, and just under 4 inches tall.

This bowl is food safe, when cleaning use a damp cloth but make sure not to fully immerse it in water or any fluid. Please note that small cracks and other irregularities are a natural occurrence in the wood; they are not considered defects.
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