Claude's Wood Carving
Handmade wood carvings
Healing Sacred Space
Sacred Space creates soy candles that are infused with healing reiki energy. My intention with each candle, is for you to receive a blessing of love, peace, healing and connection. Each candle is hand poured to order. The wooden wicks offer a crackling sound and beautiful flame when lit. Sacred Space is committed to living a life of love and compassion and healing. Where there is deep and honest love, there will be no harm done. In our efforts to encourage acts of kindness, we have created a campaign to help support the causes that are near and dear to us. These causes are representations of how the world can be a peaceful place. They show us, through example, that love is the only way. Please join us in our crusade to help change the world through small acts of kindness that CAN make a huge difference in the lives of animals, people and the mother earth. 10% of your purchase will be donated to different organizations that are listed on our website. Check out our news page for more... More
Magnolia Studio Designs
DIY wedding and special event stationery templates
Many years ago, I was browsing about a little shop of handcrafted items, marveling at the ingenuity of the artists, when I became filled with a wistful desire for my own creative life. Thankfully, some years later I said yes to that vision, and like singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, 'this girl is on fire!' I'm creating and it feels so good! I hope my jewelry pieces bring you as much pleasure and opportunities to express yourself, as they do for me!
Spiritual Pieces, handmade by us, for energy, inspiration, meditation and prayer.
Studio Emma Kaufmann
Fun, fresh, splashy watercolor animal decor. I love to play with paint and create brightly colored animals to make you smile. I love to create cute and playful critter decor to make your walls POP! I also love to create custom pet portraits so get in touch.
maker work space table