Snowman Wood Carving Naval Academy Midshipman

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Snowman wood carving wearing Naval Academy Midshipman uniform.

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This is an original design and is a unique hand carved wood snowman dressed in US Naval Academy uniforms. The snowman stands 5.5 inches tall, and consists of one base, two torsos, one head, and two hats. The torso in the first photo is the Service Dress Blue uniform, and the second photo shows the Plebe Summer Working White uniform - the back side of the working white uniform has the pleated "sailor collar" . The hat in the first photo is the combination cap, and the "dixie cup" hat is in the second photo. All parts are painted in non-toxic acrylic paint. The original carving has been given to a USNA graduate friend (class of 68) as a Christmas Present several years ago. These are made to order, so it will take 1-2 weeks to ship.

Also available as a female Midshipman. Notify me if that is the option you prefer.