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This is a traditional handmade Santa Claus with wreath wood carving, painted with non-toxic acrylic paint. The carving stands 12 inches tall. This is carved by hand using knives and gouges. This would be perfect for a Christmas present or gift or for decorating your own home. Background greenery not included.
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Guitar chart. All keys Pentatonic scales minor and major shown in correct relation to one another.

Easy and quick reference for playing pentatonic scales in the right key.
For example play C major chord then pluck away at the appropriate shape shown all along the fretboard then jump straight to a D minor or A minor , endless possibilities.

Print at home then just trim off 10mm border to arrange amazing poster,
Using only 4 pages .
Optional to trim off I,II,III,IV,V,VI section of each page or leave it on.
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Home grown and made with love. I love growing roses and making potpourri is a labour of love. Three types of fragrant rose petals , leaves and eseential oil. Perfect for a small to medium space, colorful as decor and a lovely combination of roses.
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simple set with natural shells Fits medium locs/dreads and braids. 6m to 7mm one size smaller than a #2 pencil
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Add a little luck to your days with this medium sized elephant charm keychain. Perfect for a gift or for yourself. Elephants are lovely animals.
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I am a rose lover. I grow and care for roses in my garden. This listing offers dried chemical free roses. Red , Fuscia , Purple and Pink Roses are dried together.